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Armgard Schörle + Hajo Schörle

99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)

99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
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99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
99 Doorways to Discovery - (english)
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Art.Nr.: 87
GTIN/EAN: 978-3-926341-87-7
HAN: 978-3-926341-87-7
Autor/Autorin: Armgard Schörle + Hajo Schörle


99 Doorways to Discovery (also available on amazon and in bookstores)

Also as E-Book available (hier is the link)

Find your answers to 99 questions What role do questions play in your life? Do you embrace them? Do you realize the possibilities they hold?

Asking a question can be the beginning of a wonderful process of discovery. Questions have a way of opening doors, of creating new space, of revealing secrets. Prepare to be surprised. Sometimes you will even discover that it‘s not important to find an answer: the solution lies in the question itself.

You can use this book as an inspiring guide to your life. Some questions will be meant for you, and some will be gifts that you pass on by asking others. For every question, there is the perfect moment. Trust yourself, and take your time. The right question always finds you.

With its unusual mixture of calligraphy, images and reflections, ’99 Doorways to Discovery‘ is a wise companion you‘ll be happy to take with you on your journey.  

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  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages - black-white
  • Publisher: Buch und Bild Verlag
  • Edition: 1., verb. Aufl. (dez. 2013)
  • Author: Armgard Schörle, Hajo Schörle
  • Language: english
  • ISBN-13: 978-3926341877